Available courses

Digital logic circuit and digital components, data representation, register transfer and micro-operations, basic computer organization and design, central processing unit, pipeline and vector processing, computer arithmetic, input-output organization, memory organization, multiprocessor architectures, computer systems performance evaluation

Logic design, combinatorial and sequential circuits, essential digital components, data representation, micro-operations, instruction set design, CPU organization and design, machine language and assembly language programming, execution control, central processing unit, input-output devices, and memory.

Bio-inspired algorithms, living thing-inspired algorithms, metaheuristic algorithms, evolutionary strategies, strategies for empowering the search, nature-inspired metaheuristic methods for search and optimization, and nature-inspired computing in applications.

Techniques for analyzing upper and lower bounds of algorithm efficiency, problem areas, sorting, and graphs. Dynamic programming, combinatorial algorithms, linear programming, computational geometry, encryption, and introduction to parallel models, some NP-complete problems